Liv Chapman, Sam Manchester & Alanna Glover, EMU Youth

In the world, it was night
Chains of darkness ‘round our hearts
Eyes were blind, minds were closed
Chose to stay within the dark
Couldn’t see, couldn’t change
Helpless in our darkened state
There we stayed ’til the light of life appeared

Who can break the chains of darkness?
Who can save?

* You are (You are) the light in darkness
You came (You came) to bring salvation
You gave (You gave) your life to free us
You are the light

Then You came as a man
To the earth that You had made
On the cross You gave your life
The darkness seemed to have its way
But then You rose in victory
Death defeated, we are free
Now You reign, calling us into Your light
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[End chorus]
We have (we have) been brought from darkness
We stand (we stand) free from judgement
We give (we give) our lives to serve You
We are Your lights